We are a small meditation retreat with quiet, simple and comfortable accommodations situated in a large forest garden. Since we live within the Glaskogen Nature Reserve, naturally you will be surrounded by wildlife.

Accommodations vary from an old barn, a 1900 cottage (farfar-stuga), an antique wooden stolpbod hut from 1760, and the main building which is a red Swedish wooden house built in the local traditional style.
The forest garden is surrounded by large spruce and silver birch trees, and has apple trees, berries, a large pond as well as open space to relax and enjoy.
During retreat programs the guest rooms and bathrooms are shared. We strive to be as eco-sensitive and earth friendly as possible in the provision and maintenance of our personal facilities.

The property is non-smoking, alcohol-free and vegetarian. If you are vegan or gluten-free please let us know. Pets, as much as we love and cherish them, will have to stay home.

The farfar-stuga (our Swedish cottage) is for rent all year round for 575 euros a week. The stuga is self-catering and fully equipped. If you are planning to attend one of our Lakeside Retreat programs and would like to spend more time in Sweden before or after the retreat program you have the option of booking a longer stay at the stuga.

Giving back to the Nature Reserve

Included in the accommodation fee during retreats is a small donation for the use of the Glaskogen Nature Reserve. We use this fee to donate to the maintenance and upkeep of the Glaskogen Nature Reserve with its 300 km hiking trails, its windbreaks, resting places, overnight cabins, rubbish bins, dry toilets and firewood which we are all free to use.